Molly Kaminski



I am Molly E. Kaminski I am 38yo and I was born on June 8th 1983 and I am living in Scottsdale Arizona. Recently I felt it was time to come up clean about my life that is completely upside down. I am 5’1 for 170Lbs which according to my doctor I am obese and finally since several days I have the feeling I have an STD as I can see by the red spots around my vagina.

In May 2021 I lost my mom and my dad in a 12hrs gap and as you can imagine my world is completely upside down since then but not for the reason you would imagine…. I am not asking for forgiveness in fact I feel pretty proud of myself. my Ex-boyfriend, my husband or my sisters who obviously knows me pretty well would not be surprise by the horrible details of my true life. but first of all I want to mention one of the most important thing you should remember about me: PAST BEHAVIOR CAN PREDICT FUTURE BEHAVIOR. While you will read those lines I want you to remember a part of the human condition to understand who I am exactly: a part of our human condition is that we have consciousness and awareness and so to intend something we must have consciousness. But consciousness provide a context or meaning to our actions. So now if we suppress consciousness we are no more than wild animals and we act with our instinct without logic or thought. The meaning of those lines above means that I was plenty aware of what I am/was doing and that what I did in the past I will do it in the future with ANYONE as long as it can serve my personnel interest.

I will start my story in January 2021, at that time I was working in a small Italian restaurant in Scottsdale AZ and I met that French guy, his name Gabriel. I never liked Gabriel but I realized very quickly how useful he could be for me. First his accent was awful, his English was pathetic and I really did not like his disgusting European dick, he did not drink at all and he never did drugs which I allegedly abuse both of them EVERYDAY, but he had money and to me it was the opportunity to be supported and staying home instead of working. Gabriel was in a professional transition and eventually I accepted him to live in my apartment in Scottsdale (always keep control of your interest close to you because you never know when it will vanished right?!) and shortly after I left my job without notice in the middle of the day, the grass was greener in the French garden if you see what I mean. Quickly after that I force him to borrow me $4000. I must say for everybody to understand where I’m coning from: he was European and I have profound hate toward anything that is not white and American and so being deceptive was not very hard. I made him feel his name and nationality was synonym of retardation every single day I was with him. I was xenophobe as possible and he did not even realized it.

you know when someone is stupid you improve your bargain position when your need increase and rolling Gabriel’s world between my fingers was not the most difficult task but I had to keep in mind that when you make people look like animal eventually others will ask about the condition of their cage and so I had to make him believe he was valuable when my mental condition allowed me to react normally. one day I gave him the carrott but most of the time I gave him the stick. No hate-based project that single out a person for discrimination can succeed full blown in one single step. There has to be multiple steps and those steps have to be incremental to lead him to the deception I wanted him to be. Gabriel:………Tragically unaware of his own insignificance however before I kicked his ass on the curb I started to have some respect for that little degenerated French parasite.

Sometimes by the end of February I found out that my mom had a relapse on her cancer that she had one year to live but this time it was serious. My mom decided to move back in California from Oregon where she could have a health insurance to threat her cancer. According to this plan Gabriel and I went to Oregon to help get some furmiture and stuff that she did not want before her moving. The plan was to drive back in Arizona and I was so upset by the driving that I found every pretext to blame Gabriel and the following night when we arrived in Scottsdale I kicked Gabriel out for few days and I called my Friends Jackson so he could fuck me for 2 days straight. While Gabriel was in a hotel I was riding Jackson’s dick for 2 days straight without protection and I almost ended up pregnant and like Karma is terrible sometimes, Jackson went next door to my friend-neighbor Sydney and he fucked her. I was so upset and I even cried in front of Gabriel… (see a red flag here?) I mean how did he dare to fuck someone else but ME. He was not allowed to do so, Jackson was supposed to put his dick on hold until I decided to call him. Eventually I allowed Gabriel to come back. But on the 3rd day I was with Sydney to a pool party with people I did not even know in Mesa and I ended up taking cocaine and a random guy fucked my ass also without protection and Gabriel got Jackson’s second sloppy on the 4th day also without protection.

Regarding my mom when I went over there with Gabriel she promised me to give me $10.000 for the help that I was provided. Eventually my mom changed her mind and she refused to give me anything… remember she is dying from a cancer ok!? I had to negotiate with her over the phone telling her I had some expense to come visit her and stay over there to help her and of course I was not working anymore and she needed to keep her promises…. My mother was dying from a cancer and my only concerned was to negotiate money she promised me….. no loyalty at all even toward the woman who hold me 9 months inside her before giving me life….. finally she agreed to send me a check of $4000 dollars…. but wait…. I owed Gabriel $4000 that he borrow me right at that time ? come on lets be straight one little second: would I give back the money to that ridiculous French frog ? absolutely not…. the only purpose of his presence is certainly not his disgusting dick or love (ahahaah) but MONEY!!!!

Usually when Gabriel would leave for few days I would go fish at Zipps or in my apartment complex a random guy to get fucked. Around Gabriel’s birthday when He left I was walking my dog Riley and I went to the basket ball field where I met a Mexican kid in his early 20’s. I asked Gabriel to not disturbing me with texts and calls because I was tired and the kid came to my apartment later that night and fucked me almost all night. It was amazing. Some other times I would charge them for sex because the disgusting Gispy Mexican are gross and I guess I made an exception for this one but they didn’t have all the same chance like One of them who was living with his girlfriend in the same apartment complex than me use to come in my apartment in the middle of the night when his girlfriend was asleep and he was eating my vagina for $200 payable by cash app. and I mean when Gabriel was gone everybody use to come to my apartment, the “trash valley” a worker who picked up the trash in each apartment fucked me between 2 trash pick up, Uber drivers, food delivery guys, booze delivery guy, name it and you’ll probably be right… anyone who was a biped with a dick could enter my apartment and fuck me the way they wanted as they pleased. The supreme disrespect toward Gabriel was that I had a picture of Gabriel and I in my living room where all those guy could see I had someone in my life. Some of them use to ask who was on the picture and I use to tell them he is my “little bitch” but I sent him away for the night and that is pretty much how much respect I had for Gabriel and he was my bitch I mean I remember one time asking Gabriel to remove the black head on my back because it was not nice for the next guy who will fuck in doggy style…. I just told him I was joking but do you know how serious I Was deep inside ? this French shit was a complete idiot…. Recently I was out until 5am in the morning and I said to Gabriel I would be with Liz another friend-neighbor at Avia apartment. When Gabriel went out in the middle of the night to walk Riley he found Liz by herself smoking a cigarette on her patio while I was to another apartment getting fucked by another dude. Do you know how Gabriel found out ? the Window of the guy was not closed properly and when Gabriel Passed by the apartment he heard me moaning….. see another red flag here ? well let me give you more details: that person and Liz MY FRIEND were in the right way to sleep together couple nights before me. Did I care ? nope not at all…I went over there for more drugs and more BBC. and I mean the list goes on and on. I have loyalty and friendship towards no one. It would be almost impossible to list all of them but maybe they are all disgusting enough to be mentioned. Do I feel bad for anything ? Not at all. Do you think all those things are impossible ? well if you would talk to most of my neighbors they would tell you they rarely saw me with the same guy 2 days in a row except for Gabriel that I allegedly cheat on. And I mean I did not even have boundaries at all. Another one in his early 20’s that was invited by another resident for a pool party fell in my web. I invited them at my apartment for drinks and weeds and finally one of them stayed at my apartment with me alone and I ride his large dick and he came in my mouth and on my boobs and all of that was during my relationship with Gabriel….. I did the same with all my boyfriends, my current husband (Ryan) from sacramento CA that I am separated with…. when my husband left his house few years ago after a fight with me he left for several month and of course my husband was paying the rent: do you know many random guys came to this house to fuck me ? cant even say a number and my husband never knew anything (sorry Ryan you were also a sucker) and do you know why I’m still married with him ? because he pay for my health insurance in CA…. but I do the same with all the friends I have or I had which is why I do not have any friends for a very long time… I am just back stabber and I would do it in the most disgusting way that is going to make you feel really bad…. When I was in my early 20’s I was in Mexico with my mom and some Randoms guys invited us on their boat for a party. At some point during the party I was looking for my mom and I found her somewhere in the boat with a crew member giving him a blow job. My moral boundaries does not exist and this is how my family raise me… no one taught me better not even my mom who was giving a blow job to a random Mexican or my dad who abandoned me at an early age. My dad…. what a pig… I wished his death so many time this last year…. that’s also a disgusting story but do you know why I choose to help my mom and not my dad for their death? MONEY my dad had nothing (I mean nothing for me) and my mom had money after the sale of her disgusting pre-fabricated home in Phoenix OR. And you will ask what about my sisters ? well everybody hate each others… that’s the sad story of my family…. we all hate each other soooooo bad

On may 2021 when it became evident that my mom would not survive for much longer I became even more agitated. drugs, booze and sex were the only things I was doing when I was not sleeping . One of those night when I became really mad after that degusting French rat I called my friend Jackson and I told Gabriel that someone was coming to fuck me. Jackson came 45mn in my apartment while Gabriel was here and I told Gabriel he could leave or stay in the living room only. Jackson went directly to my bedroom and while I was closing the door of my bedroom I asked Gabriel to be quiet and to not disturb us under no circumstance and I also ask him to walk the dog. Jackson fucked me all night and I moaned loudly so Gabriel could hear everything from the living room. Jackson fell asleep with me in my bed eventually. Gabriel and I did not have sex after April at all. I refused him the right to touch me or even sleep in my bed. he was basically here to provide for my financial needs and stay in my apartment as the little bitch he was. When my birthday came on June 8th I became nicer to Gabriel obviously I wanted him to spoiled me but he was still not authorized to touch me. We went for a staycation at the princess hotel in Scottsdale and Gabriel paid for everything. Secretly I called Jackson and I forced Gabriel to pay for him too.

After dinner we went to the pool and I said to Gabriel that Jackson and I would go to the bar for a drink and we left Gabriel at the pool. Before I left I took the room key from Gabriel and Jackson and I went to the bedroom where he fucked me for 2 long hours while Gabriel was left alone at the pool, it was impossible for Gabriel to go anywhere without the key card. when Jackson left I asked Gabriel to sleep on the couch of our room, I certainly did not want him in my bed after Jackson. The reality is I was full of hate for Gabriel and any time I could make him feel it I did it. You would ask me why he did not left or got mad ? because he loved me and I had no respect for him. The following night I went to one of my neighbor who is truly a “pharmacy” and I did Crack Hot Rail all night long to not see Gabriel’s disgusting face and get fucked by her husband while her kids were sleeping.

I made Gabriel feel we would have a life together and a family (sometimes). I even printed an application for my passport to make him believe that I would visit his family in Europe. I mean why would I travel in Europe for 24Hrs in a plane ? I am American and we are the best we have everything the best food the best weed the best booze and the best white American dick. Why would I go in a third world continent like Europe to visit the Italian faggot, the French frogs, the disgusting German, the British with their rotten teeth or the drunkard Irish or the Spaniard to visit “Big Ben” ? (don’t we have enough Mexican gipsy here in America?) what would be the reason ? I am racist and xenophobe and I sincerely have no desir to know the “rats” world like Europe. aaah this passport the art of killing 2 birds with one stone: during summer break my friend Liz was looking for a baby-sitter for her daughter snd of course she asked me. My god I hate that little rat and I remember saying to Gabriel “If liz asked I have an appointment for my passport in morning and I am unable to keep her” I even say to Gabriel “it is out of question I keep Alana Thompson. and do you know who is Alana Thompson ? Honey Boo Boo just the copy/paste of Liz’s daughter!!!! remember when I told you I have 0 loyalty ? here you have it straight!!!!!

On may 13th when Gabriel was out late I went to the pool with sydney and I saw one of my neighbor (Neal) with who I had an altercation in the past and after some words with him I throw a can full of beer on his head. several witnesses saw the action including Sydney. right after that when Sydney went home I went in the parking lot and I throw a big stone on the windshield of his jeep. I learned 2 months later by the apartment manager that my name was listed in the investigation for assault and criminal damages. She even showed me the police reports (Scottsdale Police Department CFS#EO513210602 and 21-09482. I told everything to Gabriel but you know what? I never had a Police Officer at my door to ask me any question. I litterally throw a can full of beer on Neal’s head which was truly a felony and I got what? NOTHING!!! and those actions with Neal obviously enable me to do more. I mean does at any point someone will say stop or enough ? obviously not. And even if the police was coming to my door for Neal I would just lied and they would believe me and do you know why ? because I am a female I am White and most importantly I am American and when they paint the picture of an unemployed woman of 38yo who drop couple tears who get away with it ? ME and ME AGAIN!!!!! I committed so many crimes those last few months and what happend to me ??? I still sleep most of the day I live on my mother’s money and at night I fucked random dude take drugs and booze and I shit on EVERYBODY’s head without a single remorse.

On June when my mom passed I went in Oregon to have her cremated and take her money. I found out she had several credit cards in her wallet and I took all of them. some were working other not and one of them had over $5000 on it. when I came back in Arizona I spent over $4000 dollars in furniture and appliance for my apartment with Amazon mostly. Gabriel was asking from where all those deliveries were coming from and I just told him that I was using my “deceased” mother credit card. Thats right… she was barely cold and I was shopping withh her credit card to furnished my apartment. I even invited my friends Liz and Jackson to bragg on all the furniture and appliance I bought… both of them knows I have not been working for several months so where the money came from ??? I mean come on I cheat on my boyfriend, I commit felony and criminal damages, I steal money from my deceased mother and still nothing wrong happend to me. will I stop there ? of course no!!!!!! To prove you nothing wrong will happend to me I am even going to give you a present: my Amazon account is: and my mom’s name was Diane Grant who was living in Medford OR when she passed. I promised you that nothing wrong will never happend to me and you know why ? because I am a female I am white and most importantly I am American!!!!!!!!

when it became evident that the money of my mom was coming toward me that’s when I realized I did not need Gabriel anymore. one night in mid July I went to zipps across my apartment to find a guy that I blow his dick and did cocaine in Gabriel’s car. well gabriel was asleep and when I came back I wake him up packed his stuff and I throw him outside. I was so sexually frustrated (even if I fucked a dude the night before) that I could not bring that guy back home and for what ? for a french piece of shit that is not even useful to me ??? on top of that when all his stuff were outside I called 911 for domestic violence right in front of his face and who did what ? he was sleeping when I started packing his stuff I punched him in the face and his answer was ? he left like the little faggot he is!!!!! finally when the police came I told them he was screaming at me and he said he would kill me and that he had many illegal guns and he refused to give me back my key….. NOW: do I have any witness of that ? NOPE, Does the event of that night look like the Gabriel I knew for the last 6 months? NOPE did someone heard him screaming “I will kill you” ? NOPE but the police officer granted an emergency order of protection against him and do you know why ? BECAUSE I AM A FEMALE I AM WHITE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I AM AMERICAN and HE IS A MALE AND FOREIGNER….This is literally Germany 1933 with the official birth of the Nazism Except that we are in Scottsdale in 2021 (I love it) but the cops acted for my benefits… Do they try to contact him to see what happened ? Nope… they heard male foreigner with guns and that was it…. I mean name it: DISCRIMINATION RACISM XENOPHOBIA ETC ETC you could mention all of them and above and you know they are all right because did anything I said to the cop was true ?????? NOPE not at all but one more time no witness and remember compare to that French frog I am on the top of the food chain and he is way below!!!!!now do you think this is over for that night ? NOPE after the police left guess what I did ? the guy I was sucking his dick in Gabriel’s car came back in my apartment for round 2 this time and he fucked me really hard for the rest of the night ­čÖé finally now That I know gabriel had nowhere to go he was basically homeless what is the last nail on the coffin ?

After I knew he went back to his frogs country I sent the order of protection to the immigration and now he is forbidden to come back in America forever!!!!!!!! and believe it or not this is not over: while I had an order of protection against gabriel and he was about to leave America I called him all nice to say I was sorry but I found out I was pregnant with his child and I needed it money….. TRUE STORY but this time he didn’t fell for it… stupid frog… I could have make an extra $1000 ­čÖé did anything I said to the police officer was true ? no it was just lies and lies… but you know I Married my first husband in my 20’s who was a gay Mexican for his paper in exchange of money… did I hesitate to lie to the immigration officer ? so what make you think I would not lie to a police officer for a frog like Gabriel ? exactly… Salinas Paid me to marry him for his papers and that’s what I did and now he has several boyfriend and he is living in Texas… the frog did not pay me enough to be in my apartment and he got in trouble with America….. They say its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission well I don’t ask for any of them I come I take and I leave without a please or a thank you. Sometimes the light switch on and we have a fair share of guilt to deal with but not me and if I could do it again I would do it again in worst if possible.

overall I regret nothing. If I could do the same things over and over I would do it without hesitation!!!!!! It was Molly Kaminski In Scottsdale AZ.